In Greek Life, One Fraternity Stands Apart

All fraternities and greek life organizations are not the same. More than a century ago, William Cole founded a new kind of brotherhood that would bring together all backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Today, Lambda Chi Alpha brings timeless ideals to a modern legacy—one of loyalty, courage and focus. Our legacy deepens with each generation as we equip more young men to redefine who we are and who we can be for others.

Maybe you’re meant to be a Lambda Chi Alpha. Maybe you have brothers out there you haven’t even met yet. Brothers who know how to make the most out of their college years, and never fail to understand what it means to be good people. Brothers who ask more from themselves and in return, ask more from you.

Become the Best Version of Yourself.

From day one, a Lambda Chi Alpha is on a journey of a lifetime to better himself and the people around him. Like many great Lambda Chi Alphas before you, deep down you know it’s time to find the courage to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. Write a story of honor. A story of integrity. A story of legacy.

A Better Greek Life Experience During College, and After

  • Hazing-free culture
  • Academic focus
  • No pledgeship 
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity and inclusion

Become the Man the World Needs

Joining a fraternity can change your college experience, but joining Lambda Chi Alpha gives you the opportunity to shape your future and your lasting impact in a meaningful way. We are eager to provide you with the support you need and the means you require to develop your character during and long after your four years on campus. Lambda Chi Alpha will provide you with the opportunity to become the best version of yourself for your brothers, your family, your colleagues and yourself.

Your journey starts today.

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  • 297,000 Initiates
  • 8,680 Undergraduates
  • 176 Chapters